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How to protect your grails: the ultimate sneaker cleaning guide

What’s the best defence?

Get on the offensive and stay ahead of the dirt. Treat your new kicks to a dose of Jason Markk’s water-based Repel Spray, suitable for leather, suede, nubuck, nylon and canvas, pretty much everything a shoe can be made of. Environmentally friendly, refillable and designed to provide even coverage all over, the Repel Spray should be in every sneakerheads toolbox.

Naked Copenhagen


Naked Copenhagen

Inevitably dirt will get through at some point, it’s to be expected with anything that spends its entire life in contact with the ground. When it does, Jason Markk is here to set you right with their essentials kit - the doomsday survival pack for any sneakerhead.

Here’s your battle plan for sneaker bath time.

1. Get your equipment ready- unlace your sneakers and have a bowl of warm water to hand.
2. Brush away any surface-level dirt with a damp cloth.
3. Dip your brush in the water and apply the shoe cleaner solution to the brush- or skip this step with the ready-to-use foam that can be applied directly to the shoe.
4. Gently, but firmly, brush in circular motions across the upper to get that puppy nice and foamy.
5. Repeat this process on the midsole if necessary
6. Wipe the upper dry with the Jason Markk Premium Microfiber Towel
7. If there’s still some stubborn dirt left then just repeat the process till you’re happy.
8. Then kick back, do some big chillin’ and wait for your sneakers to dry overnight.
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Precision cleaning

Maybe you’re out for a boozy brunch and someone spills some Hoisin duck on your crispy suede shoes, what was once a heart attack moment is now merely an opportunity for some quality time with your shoes.
1. Reach into your utility belt and pull out your Quickwipes- spot clean those babies
3. When you’re home whip out your sneaker eraser and dry clean your suede upper
4. Brush your upper with the suede brush to get that buttery feel right back.
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Be gone foot stank!

Everybody got stanky feet- when you wrap your feet up in leather and suede for a day it's inevitable. If you want to sort that out just throw the all-natural Jason Markk Moso Freshener into your kicks and leave them for a few days to completely neutralize the odour. These handy fresheners are great for combatting not just odour but also mildew, bacteria, molds and pollutants. When you’ve used the twelve charges you can simply pour the natural contents into your garden to help the soil retain nutrients.
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