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UNMUTED: P3 Taking Over Paris

As part of our trip to Paris for SS24 and ahead of our flagship opening this summer, we hosted a night in the City of Lights that brought our Parisian community together with the help of P3 Paris and Nike.

Inspired by the unrestrained self-expression and community empowerment of Fête de la Musique, we channeled that energy into our Unmuted dinner where dozens of powerful women came together. Helping it come to life was the amazing P3 Paris, a community created for transmasculine and queer people to come together in a safe environment to express themselves. Embodying the idea of being Unmuted, P3’s outspoken founders; Stencia, Mariana, and Sephora are nowhere near done yet and they see Paris’ vibrant cityscape as ripe for the taking. Hear from P3’s founders right here.


Naked Copenhagen

Could you tell our Community a little bit about what P3 Paris is?

"Hi NAKED Copenhagen, it's P3, it's Mariana, Stencia, and Sephora. Well, P3 is a women-only event open to transmasculine and non-binary people, which we created to be safer as queer and racialized women."

And what brought you all together to spark this idea for a community?

"It was important for us to create an event that breaks the codes of queer spaces as we know them. And on a personal level, it was important for us to have a space in which we could celebrate ourselves and freely express our sexuality, our sensuality, our bodies and our queerness."

Paris is known around the world as the City of Love – do you feel that it makes the city an inherently more accepting and diverse place?

"Of course, there's no better place to celebrate love than Paris. Thanks to its diversity, Paris offers the chance to create synergies, all very different from one another and always enriching. And because we know that the fight isn't over, we strive to create spaces where people can meet and express all kinds of love."

Do you feel like events like PFW give recognition to communities like P3 in Paris? Or could they do better?

"Fashion Week has always been a queer space but with little diversity, elitist, and dominated mainly by cis men. So it's important to involve more members of the community, people who contribute to the community all year round."

You’re also coming up on P3’s one-year anniversary – could you tell us what’s been the most exciting and difficult things about founding this awesome community?

"We're very proud and grateful for the way the P3 has developed over the past year, especially thanks to our P3 babies who have been so supportive, and thanks to our partners who have placed their confidence in us. However, as queer and racialized women, it has been difficult to establish ourselves in places where we weren't expected to be, particularly in the rather misogynistic world of nightlife."

Where would you like to see P3 next year?

"The P3 is a project without any limits, and we're going to work relentlessly to touch the stars."

Finally, if you were titling this piece yourself – what would your headline be?

"If we had to give a name to this interview, it would be: P3 taking over Paris."
Naked Copenhagen
Naked Copenhagen

Merci P3 Paris, for their time and for showing us why Paris is always the place to be. Paris, we’ll see you soon!

Naked Copenhagen