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Mille Bach Lund for the Air Jordan 4 ‘White & Gold’: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

When Jordan catapulted the Chicago Bulls to Championship glory on six separate occasions, and the rapturous global renown that came with it, a prevalent theme across the league from both players and pundits was utter disbelief. For the first four years of his career, MJ had been regarded as an incredibly talented player, but one that could not lift the team around him, an opinion that was re-enforced with every early playoff defeat from “the same old Bulls”. But do you know who had no doubt they’d rise to the occasion? Michael Jordan. The truth of it is, when we see greatness manifested, the outcome seems inevitable when in reality, we’ve just not accounted for the twenty years of passion, and dedication that led to that one pivotal moment in time.
That era-defining legacy teaches us a lot about the power of dreams, that although they can seem intangible, nearly ethereal, through dedication and appreciation of our own unique talents, we can rise to any occasion. In honor of the Air Jordan 4’s 35th anniversary and the debut of the undeniably gorgeous ‘Metallic Gold’ pair we’re about to drop, we’re exploring the idea of individual greatness and the difficult path we all must take in pursuit of our dreams.
Naked Copenhagen
For Mille Bach Lund, a dancer and choreographer out of Copenhagen, she found her place of dreams at a very young age in the wooden halls of a dance studio. She watched incredible dancers take on the biggest stages and triumph, launching themselves and their careers to international acclaim. Through all of that, and much like a young Jordan would have thought to himself, she knew “One day that had to be me, that was the dream”.
But as we all know, anything worth doing takes time and even after turning herself over to dance completely, she still had to run head first into the journey she had set and no matter where the road went, she had to trust in herself. In Mille’s own words, she became one with dance, from the way she carried herself to the way she dressed and even the sneakers she wore. Her life was dancing, and she credits this holistic, all-encompassing approach to the confidence you see in her movement.
Naked Copenhagen
Naked Copenhagen
Today Mille struts a star-studded credit list that includes J Balvin, Maluma, Zara Larsson, and David Guetta but she remains humble. “I just keep myself focused on the dream and the reason I did it, and wanted it in the first place”.
Jordan launched the Bulls dynasty in the Air Jordan 4, he made sure the doubters would think twice, and while they alone won’t make you play as well as him, or dance as well as Mille, they are the physical manifestation of dreams and dreamers, and that’s gotta count for something.
Naked Copenhagen
Naked Copenhagen
Naked Copenhagen

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