Naked Copenhagen
Naked Copenhagen
We are proud to announce ‘Onyx’, the sixth collaboration between NAKED Copenhagen and adidas, brought to life on the iconic Supernova Cushion 7. With this collaboration, we wanted to explore the importance and impact of energy in all its forms, from the spiritual and emotional to the physical.
Naked Copenhagen
Naked Copenhagen
Throughout our day we expend energy in everything we do, whether it’s going for a run or just going about our day, we draw on and transform energy within ourselves. Our sources of energy go far beyond the physical however, energy can be cultivated from our emotional relationships with our friends and family. There is a deep spiritual satisfaction that can come from these relationships, the love and support of which can be truly transformational and influential in what we bring into the world.
Naked Copenhagen
Naked Copenhagen
To represent the transitional, transformational nature of energy, we chose the Supernova Cushion 7 because it is designed to be a seamless conduit between ourselves and the world around us that helps us expel and transform energy. A breathable black mesh upper exists to expend excess heat, while the elastic adiPRENE midsole acts to dissipate the shock of kinetic energy. Additionally, the Torsion TPU arch that joins the forefoot and heel allows for a symbiotic, yet independent relationship, allowing each to operate freely, for a more flexible fit. The mesh upper features a glossy-metallic silver cage, with the classic three stripes banding the outer laterals and inner medials. Finally, a coat of shifting iridescence at the fore and hints of purple at the heel bookend the upper.
Naked Copenhagen
Naked Copenhagen

Look for the ‘Onyx’ to drop on the 20th of May at and the adidas Confirmed App on the 25th of May.

CREDITS: NAKED Copenhagen X Adidas Supernova

Photographer, Creative Direction: Polina Vinogradova - @themisspopo
Photographer Assistant: William Rugaard @williamrugaard

Stylist: Ezra Shami @elzkersham
Hair: Jemimah Duncan @jemimahduncan
Hair Assistant: Amandine Kila -
Makeup: Mette schou - @mette.schou

‪‬Jemimah Duncan @jemimahduncan
Esther Duncan @estduncan
Raiden Rose
Joshua Rose @minorgoldsmithrose

TEAM NAKED Copenhagen:
Creative director: Stine L. Pedersen @stussystine
Creative Producer: Selma Kaci Sebbagh @selmakacisebbagh
Videographer: Marcus Nielsen - @filmbymn

Words by Gregory Noonan

Special thank you to Cirkle management